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Hi, there! I’m Joanna!

I’m an anti-hustle expert & productivity coach who supports neurodivergent solopreneurs to get what matters done without sacrificing their mental and physical health.

As a former environmental engineer, I support my clients to regenerate their energy and leave exhaustion behind through the routines, rituals, and rhythms that creates sustainable entrepreneurial success.



Joanna's Example of Me Time-Reading for journaling with Image of Cycles

Currently, there’re three ways to work with me: 

Ready to create an eternal energy source within you that powers sustainable, healthy, enjoyable productivity? 

My Self-Sustainaing Productive Life In Notion is the one-on-one VIP coaching experience to help you create your own productivity-optimized working week and day, so that you can get the most impactful things done in a way that’s sustainable for you!

A 60-min one-on-one coaching to pin point your next 3-step actions when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

A 15-page journal to help you assess which areas of your self-care needs your attention!