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Reclaim YOUR Inner Peace by saying sayonara to addiction to productivity and constant busyness!

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Hey! I’m Joanna,


As a recovering people pleaser and overachiever, I used to prioritize everyone and everything else first. I would take little to no breaks, work constantly and say yes to favours I didn’t have to. It got to a point where I wouldn’t even remember to eat. I burned myself out until I couldn’t keep up anymore… Literally.


Let’s take a trip down memory lane…….

Growing up in Taiwan, the social norm was that women needed to take care of everyone.

Their parents, their partner, their kids, their partner’s parents, and everyone else but themselves. There was never an emphasis on self-care and the mindset was that if you stop to take care of yourself first, that’s just selfish……

As I grew up and started working as a sustainability specialist in Vancouver, I encountered this similar sets of expectations. I was expected to take on all the household tasks expected in a traditional Taiwanese household while also balancing a demanding full-time job. 

I tried so hard to do it all:

Be the exemplary woman who made the family proud, the ambitious career-driven woman who had creative ideas and bold opinions and who impressed her bosses, the great girlfriend who kept the house clean and took care of her man, the friend who always said yes to favours, etc. etc. etc.

Traditional Taiwanese Lanterns
A directional sign points to break free

I tried putting everyone else first and being the person I thought everyone else wanted me to be. But internally, I was exhausted, and worse yet, I had no idea who I was or what brought me joy.

I felt I was living a life that wasn’t mine.

I pushed myself beyond my limits and reached a breaking point. This is when I realized I had to set healthy boundaries and start saying no to the people I love and respect and start saying yes to myself.

Does any of my stories sound familiar? Trust me, you’re not alone!

I work with burned-out entrepreneurs just like you to reclaim control of their life by creating a balance between family and business while still carving out time for themselves!

Wondering how you can get the same results?

I do this using an organizational, practical and realistic “ME FIRST” approach, which helps pull you out of the toxic cycle of burnout and into a cycle of calm, intention and purpose.

My professional superpower is to systemize self-care and organize life and business with intentionality!

This is exactly why I developed my Framework called “C.I.A.” 

Let me give you a quick rundown of what it’s like if we worked together:


Before our time together, you’ll do a deep dive to clearly identify what makes your soul happy and what your essential needs and wants are for yourself, your family and your business.


During our VIP Day, we’ll go through a framework to map out exactly how you’re gonna intentionally spend energy and time on what matters to you every single day.


We will continue with accountability. This way, you’re never stranded on your own, because I personally believe if you’re going to get a help of a coach, you need a little more support than a one-time check-in.

Coaching Framework C.I.A. Clarity, Intentionality and Accountability
Joanna and Lumi under a tree hole

Now that we’ve got those out of the way, here’re a few fun facts you might not have known about me personally: 


  • I’m a Climate Activist and Anti-Racism advocate!

  • I love Organization:

  • I’m a major foodie!

  • My favourite TV shows of all time are Friends,  Parks and Recreation and The Good Wife.

  • I’m a proud Dog Mom:

    • Or as I like to call it CFO (Chief Fun Officer), my duties include mostly attending to the CEO (Chief Exercise Officer), which typically consists of 4 walks per day, constant petting and of course – treat delivery!



Fist up for anti-racism actions

Climate Activism

Woman holding a sign saying the climate is changing why aren't we

Life-Work Balance

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Mom, dad and 2 kids

Gratitude, family, diversity, equality, inclusion, and justice are all values that I hold very dear. Homophobia, transphobia, and racism will not be tolerated. If any of this makes you think twice, our values do not align. If you feel the same as I do and you have a purposeful business aimed to help entrepreneurs thrive – we are gonna be in perfect alignment!

So? What do you think?

Are you ready to change your patterns from constant stress and addiction to productivity to one that is intentional, purposeful, joyful and also helps you grow your business? If so, my Self-Care with Ease One-on-One Deep Dive is perfect for you! It’s built and designed to help you break free of toxic cycles into a balanced lifestyle of intentionality and joy!

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